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Ten Relationship Myths

Think your relationship is a failure because you and your partner aren't following certain "rules" or meeting certain standards? Dr. Phil blows the whistle on 10 of the most common but dangerous relationship myths.

  • You will never see things through your partner's eyes because you are two entirely different people. You are genetically, physiologically, psychologically and historically different.
  • You will not solve your relationship problems by becoming more alike in your thinking. Men and women are wired differently. Attempting to blur your fundamentally different viewpoints is unnatural and even dangerous.
  • Recognize that a relationship is far more enjoyable when you're with someone who enriches your life, not simply reflects it. Appreciate your differences.
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12 Red Flags Not to Ignore When You’re Dating

On the First Date He Says, “Let’s Have Sex.”
Men have sex on their minds and sometimes they can’t help but voice their carnal intentions. This is normal: A man’s spoken desire to rip your clothes off may even turn you on. However, if all he seems to talk about from date one is getting you in his bed, he may take you for a floozy. When “let’s get busy” comes before “what’s your name?” it’s a sign that he’s only interested in getting to know you on a sexual, not personal, level.

He Doesn’t Make You Feel Special
Your boyfriend is supposed to love you. He’s supposed to make you feel like the most beautiful, intelligent, wonderful woman in the world. If he’s not making you feel special, it’s time to re-evaluate how he is making you feel. We’d take a wild guess it’s something other than good.

His Idea of a Date Is a Booty Call
You’d be surprised how many women confuse late-night hookups with actual relationships. You should know that if a guy’s truly interested in you, he’s going to take you out, not merely invite you to join him once he’s already at the bar with his boys, or call you after midnight just to “see what you’re up to.” And if that’s exactly what’s going on, then you, my friend, are merely his last resort when he can’t find another chick to take home.
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Each person in a relationship brings with them bits and pieces of all the decades they have lived through. Depending on your age and your partner's age, you will find that each of you has been influenced differently. The next time you sit down with your partner or friend, bring up this subject and compare your backgrounds. You will be surprised by how much of an impact certain decades had on your views regarding relationships.


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